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CAG Conference 2016 Handouts
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If a session does not have a link, there are no handouts available for that session.
Friday PreCon
Parents Session 1: Advocacy

Parents Session 2: Curriculum and Instruction
Parents Session 3: Social and Emotional

7:45 - 8:45

Pathway to AhHa: Prioritizing: Developing Layers of Meaning McCord
Education Climate Change in California: Drought or El NiƱo Flournoy & Reid
GATE Identification in an Urban School District Hansen-Smith
Developing Academic and Intellectual Identity Among Aftican American Gifted Students Lovett
Leadership Giftedness Nelson
Building a Growth Mindset Culture for Gifted Students Allswang/Mobedshahi
Introversion in the Classroom Honard
It's a New World Nazarian/Lott/Safi
8 Great Strategies for Informative/Explanatory Writing Alton
Genius Hour: Personalize Thinking Like a Disciplinarian Blasjo
Learning in 3D: Recongnize and Engage Creative Learners Haydon
Introduction to Differentiation Booster
Self-Directed Learning - Alternative Approach to RTI Smith/Lee
Interdisciplinary Learning for a Changing Planet Bergh
Developing Driving Questions for Inquiry Heller
Problems with a Purpose: Expect Students to Think Cook
Critical Thinking using Think Like a Disciplinarian Wolcott/Lee
Anchoring Events for Gifted Science Students for NGSS Leary/Waishwile
Music as a Language - Teaching ELA in "Other Words" Osman
My Favorite Math Contest Problems Mulhearn

9:00 - 10:15

The Jeanne Delp Lecture: Perspective, Politics, and Practices:
Factors Influencing Gifted Education 2016 and Beyond

10:30 - 11:3

Pathway to AhHa: Across Time and Cultures Hazelton
Collaboration as Language Development: An Approach to NGSS for ELL GATE Anderson
Starting or Ramping up a District GATE Program Danley
Supporting and Evaluating Teachers of Gifted Learners Berry
  Building Teacher Capacity for Differentiated Instruction  Metzger
  Developing Inquiry Units  Heller
Cognitive Coaching: Activities to Ignite & Excite the Brain Wilkes
Scholars Just Wanna Have Fun: Afterhours Enrichment Online Miller
Quirky Behavior or Disability: Gifted vs. 2E Haase & Hancock
Meaningful Genuine Assessment that Works! Lawson
Project Based Learning: Skill-Building and Differentiation Chapman & Rinn
Rigor Through Content Imperatives Newton & Boling
Unlocking Potential: Why Schools have Better STEM Programs McFarlane
Problem-Based Learning and GATE Wolcott
Depth and Complexity - A Practical Approach to the Icons Arnold
Lazy? Executive Dysfunction or Common Delay? Hansen
Design Lessons that Unlock your Students' Potential Restivo
Problems Worth Puzzling for Primary Pupils Cook
Advancing STEM Concepts, Independent Inquiry, & Engagement Knoell
Beyond Close Reading to a Classroom of Metacognition Heller
Teaching Nonfiction Writing Leadbeater

1:00 - 2:00

Principal's Perspective on the Role of the Teacher of Gifted Hirsh & Predrick
The Brain-Based Argument for Bilingual Education for All Werblow & Duesberry
Identification & Developing Talent & Potential: Move Beyond a Budget Laing
Education with Meaning & Relevance Reid
Acknowledging and Supporting Spiritual Lives of the Gifted Wilkes
Using Neuroscience to Build a Resilient Learning Community Cziko & Kent
STEM Underwater: Using the Seaperch "Submarine" Zinn & Gonzalez
Teach with the Multiple Intelligences & "Play" with "Doh"! Lohoff
Learning the GATE Prompts Through...Humpty Dumpty Liddell
Middle School NGSS Paleontology Labs Rodriguez & Rodriguez
Performing Arts to Stem the Digital Brain Drain Osman
Advancing CCSSs & Critical Thinking with Visual Literacy Knoell
Problem-Based Learning: AHA Moments for Teachers and Students Swicord
How to Motivate the Gifted Student Hazkvitz
Write-Read Connections to Catapult Critical Thinking Maloy
Hacking the Brain -- Accelerated Access to the Whole Code Garner
Read it! Think it! Write it! Alton

2:15 - 3:15

Pathway to AhHa: Making Connections Bui
Dersigning a Better Mathematics Program for Gifted Students Brody
How to Support Teachers of GATE Students Kusserow
Using Math to Transform Persistence, Resilience, & Motivation Hansen
The Arts as a Tool to Meet the Affective Needs of the Gifted Lyman & Matschiner
Beginner's Guide to Google Drive Sprague & Alexander
We are All Integrators! The Great Consumers and Producers of Technology Flagg
Learning and Innovation Skills for the Next Generation Cook-Gillon & Lovell
Multiple Intelligences + Common Core = Winning Combination Teele
Where in the CCSS World is Poetry? Newton & Boling
STEAM Days Holidays and the Gifted Child Carnow, Ellman, & Koff
Close Reading: Developing a Reading Habit Timmermans & Johnson
Peer to Peer Learning - How We Learn From & With Each Other Arnold & Robb
Forget the Rainforest, Save my Classroom! Shipman
Ready...Set...Go...Implement! Hoctor
The Big Bang: When CCSS, STEM, & Bloom's Taxonomy Collide Leadbeater
Spice up your Lesson Plans for Deeper Learning Haydon

3:30 - 4:30

Pathway to AhHa: Known vs. Unknown Krogh
Odyssey of the Mind: A Team Problem-Solving Competition Vo, Larson, & Thune
Access to Excellence: Strategies for Expanding Student Equity,
 Access, and Excellence in AP Programs, Elem. to HS
Pathways to Personalized Learning in the 21st Century Honick
Digital Storytelling for Middle School GATE Students Daugherty & Rush
Grade Acceleration 101: When and How to do it Right! Haase & Hancock
GATEr Tank: Teaching Creativity Lee
Creative Problem Solving Bui
Engaging Inquiry Lessons McCord
Musical Composers & Short Story Writers Wanted Leeder
ICreate -- Exploring STEAM through Hands-on Activities Zinn & Braatz-Brown
Engaging Gifted Students in National Novel Writing Month Gullo
The Amazing Race Across the United States Gorsage & Vermeeren
8 Great Strategies for fInformative/Explanatory Writing Maloy
Socratic Seminar: Springboard to Enhance Complex Reasoning Light & Tor
How can I write about my mouse with 26 letters & 10 words? Garner
Mentorship Symposiums for GATE Students: Lift the Gifted Romeo & Park

8:15 - 9:15

Pathway to AhHa: Building Knowledge Anderson
Innovation Awards: Empowering the top 10% of Teachers Behears & Rodriguez
Identifying and Developing Talent and Potential for All Learners Laing
Opening the GATE: Increasing Representation & Retention of
Underrepresented Minorities in Gifted Education
2E: Twice Exceptional Kapner
Nurturing the Moral Compass of Gifted Children Morse
Unlocking Potential: Why Some Schools have Better STEM Programs McFarlane
Curricular & Education Approaches to Address the Whole Child Tanner & Honeck
Big Ideas as Central Themes Petrilli
Unlocking Potential with National History Day Lawson
Teaching Risk-Taking: the Value of Mistakes and Perseverence Marine & Koult
Women of the American Revolution Casey
Next Steps with Google Apps: Slides, Forms, Sheets Sprague & Alexander
Non-traditional Identification for Gifted Learners Kaplan & Manzone
Designing a GATE Department Website to Support All Hansen-Smith

9:30 - 10:30

NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy -
SOFIA: An Engineering and Scientific Marvel
CSBA Panel - GATE Services: The Spill-Over Effect from Gifted to All Students Panel

10:45 - 11:45

Pathway to AhHa: Playing with Politics - Supporting with Evidence and Problem Solving Kaplan & Manzone
Communicating about Common Core Math Kapner
Quotational Quote Bee Competition Light & Tor
Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional Learners: A Strength-based Approach Singer/Sabatino/Vargas
Depth and Complexity in a Close Read Danley
Use MTSS Framework to Identify and Support Gifted Learners Lauer & Boyan-Held
Use Cubes as a Setting for Your Problem-Solving Mulhearn
Interactive Bulletin Boards Davidson
Invention as a STEAM Unit Casey
Advancing Proble Solving, CCSSs, Thinking, and Creativity Knoell
NASA Needs Your Help: Inventing, Designing, and Building Barboza
Using evidence based argumentation for gifted science Leary & WaishwileMusic
Curiosity Quest Problem Solvers Zinn
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